Family Group Conferencing Facilitation

Family Group Conferencing - is a process that brings families together with an impartial facilitator to develop a plan for their child or young person. Families have found family group conferencing to be a helpful way to work out a plan that suits everyone.

Housing and Applications

OSS believe that wherever possible maintaining existing accommodation provides the best outcomes for our clients. We assist clients to communicate with their landlords and regain control of their budgets.

OSS has well established connections with NSW Housing, Compass Housing and Realtors and Property Managers throughout the Dubbo LGA.

However there are times, when our clients need to move on from existing accommodation for a variety of reasons or have been unable to resolve issues with landlords or real estates at their current locations.

Clients may be in unreliable or unsafe environments and become homeless. For these clients we offer a more intensive support program. Tenancy and case management support to manage short term transition housing while working with them to secure long term stable housing.

Services We Provide

We provide a range of services to assist families and individuals in need.

Early Intervention Services
Short-term transitional Housing
Boarding House
Men’s and Women’s Refuge
Case Management
Information and Referral Services

Information and Referral Services

We work on the ‘no wrong door’ policy. OSS work with individuals and families to find the best solution for them. At times we may not be able to assist and we will provide referrals to the appropriate agencies and follow up with clients to ensure that they have been able to access relevant services.

Additional Information / Resources?

Advice on housing and tenancy is available from a range of resources online and in person.